Girls like this // her smile.

A woman in red heels holds a copy of Aftermath by the Rolling Stones at a market somewhere in Mexico March 1972

Waking up in my car on the 5th of July with my girlfriend

I want this

I hate my life

The last comment makes me a bit sad. Seeing such beautiful pictures or reading the stories behind them should give you the courage to change your own life and to just go after your happiness and should not leave you sitting at home thinking that you hate your life.

1. not possessing, untouched by, void, or destitute.
2. absence of.
3. to deplete or strip of some quality or substance.
Etymology: from Old French devoider, from des-, “out, away” + voider, "to empty," from voide, “empty”, from Old French vuide, from Vulgar Latin vocītus (unattested), from Latin vacuus, “empty” from vacāre, “to be empty”.
[Lee Price]

Ruby Star x Kling Outtake by bertapfirsich

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Beautiful Faces | Alia Shawkat

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Malin Gabriella Nordin, 2014
Studio visit by photographer Erik Wåhlström
Erik’s tumblr: http://blog.erikwahlstrom.se/

the red string of fate
an asian belief that says two people are connected by a red string that is tied together by the gods. these two people are destined to fall in love, become great friends or have a very good relationship with each other.



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